The BIPOP team-project of the INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes is organizing a summer school from the 9th to the 14th of September 2012 at Aussois, centre Paul Langevin. Similarly as the 2010 spring school, this school will be dedicated to nonsmooth mechanical systems (systems subject to unilateral constraints, impacts, friction, and nonsmooth contact laws). The two main topics of the school will be: modelling (especially impact mechanics: impacts with friction, multiple impacts), and numerical simulation (numerical analysis, time-stepping and event-driven schemes, complementarity for iterative one-step solvers, software packages). These theoretical developments will be illustrated by seminars on waves in chains of balls, granular materials, hair dynamics, contact detection as well as high performance distributed computing.
This summer school is therefore mainly for researchers in contact mechanics (deformable bodies, multibody systems), but is also of interest to other scientific communities where such tools are used (robotics, computer graphics, haptic simulation, automatic control, applied mathematics).

Local organizing committee:
  • Vincent Acary
  • Florence Bertails-Descoubes
  • Danièle Herzog
  • Arnaud Tonnelier


The summer school is funded by the ANR project SALADYN, INRIA and CNRS.