Mathematical aspects of vibro-impact problems: existence, (non-)uniqueness and approximation

Laetitia Paoli
In this talk we will give an overview of mathematical issues for vibro-impact problems: existence, (non-)uniqueness and convergence of approximation techniques.

More precisely we will consider systems of rigid bodies sujected to frictionless unilateral constraints and we will assume that the transmission of the velocity at impacts is governed by Newton's law. Starting from the basic description of the dynamics, we will introduce the mathematical formulation of the problem in terms of measure differential inclusions.

The main difficulties in the study of existence of solutions will be briefly discussed and a counter-example to uniqueness will be given.

Then we will focus on the approximation of the solutions. We will present first the penalty (or normal compliance) method, then two families of time-stepping schemes, at the position or at the velocity level, will be derived from the measure-differential inclusions describing the dynamics. The convergence results of the corresponding approximate solutions will be stated and the main steps of the proofs will be explained.

Lecture slides 1
Lecture slides 2

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