Solfec: a distributed memory Contact Dynamics code

Tomasz Koziara
Over the last three years I have been working on a distributed memory multibody Contact Dynamics code named Solfec. This work was motivated by an industrial interest in modeling dynamics of nuclear plant cores composed of loosely keyed together, stacked graphite bricks. Solfec is currently able to run a representative whole-core model under 8 hours on 384 cores of a computer cluster (100K time steps with ~20K rigid and deformable bodies with complex shapes and ~100K contact points). Further optimization is underway.

In the course of this talk I will discuss the details of Solfec design, including the key data structures, the parallel data layout, the dynamic load balancing and the constraint solvers. I will also talk about the adopted resolution of multiple impacts combining the inelastic point impacts and damped deformable kinematics. I will present some results related to the validation of Solfec on the shaker table experiments performed in the context of nuclear graphite.

Lecture slides 1
Lecture slides 2