General and practical information

  • Arrival and departure: The workshop will start on Tuesday Jan. 5th, but it will be possible to arrive on Monday 4th afternoon. The workshop will end on Friday 8th after lunch.

  • Coming earlier / leaving later than the workshop: Several participants informed us that they would like to come earlier than Monday 4th or leave the center later than Friday 8th, most of the time because of constraints due to their flight; unfortunately, the conference center does not allow this. All we can advise would be to take a hotel and visit a city nearby like Annecy or Geneva, which are not too far from Les Houches.

  • Conference center: The workshop will take place in a specialized conference center (with all facilities, see the website). the attendants will be accommodated in single rooms, within the conference center. The meals will be taken in the restaurant of the center (as a side note, the center requires us to respect strictly the hours of the restaurant - lunch at 12:30, and dinner at 19:30), except for the lunch meal on wednesday which will be taken in a restaurant at the "Mer de Glace".

  • Talks: There will be 2 series of talks every day: one in the morning (9am-12am) and one in the afternoon (5pm-7pm). There will be about 30 talks, organized in a single session (no parallel talks).

  • Free afternoons: The afternoons until 5pm will be reserved for informal exchanges, possibly on skis.

  • Social event: A touristic excursion will be organized at the "Mer de Glace" (literaly, the "sea of ice") in the Mont Blanc massif. It will take place on wednesday afternoon.

  • Fees: There will be no fee for the workshop. Moreover, the costs of lodging and meals for all the guests will be covered by the organization.

  • Weather: The weather is cold and snowy in the Alps at this period of the year, and all participants should have warm clothes and good shoes. People who would like to go skiing should also wear adapted attire.

Where is it ?

The conference center is located in the small ski resort of Les Houches, in the French Alps, on the slopes of the Mont Blanc. It is 10 minutes away from Chamonix and one hour from Geneva. The place is easily accessible (car, taxi, bus, train) from the Geneva international airport. See the schematic map below. More precise information is available on the website of the conference center. If you choose to use a limousine service (sort of shared taxi) from Geneva airport to the Chamonix area: you could notify that you go to the conference, and the limo compagny will group you with others participants.

schematic plan