Jose E. Morales
PhD candidate
in Applied Maths
at Inria Rhne-AlpesPhD candidate in Applied Mathematics at Inria Rhone-Alpes


Areas of Interest.

I belong to the bipop team which focuses on the field of non-smooth dynamical systems and non-smooth optimization. Take a look at our team web page Bipop.

I'm interested in applications of dynamical systems in biology (neuroscience) and mechanics. My scope is the area of nonlinear waves, more specifically travelling waves propagating over discrete media. This leads to study advance delay differential equations.

There are many discrete models that support travelling waves, like the spatially discrete FitzHugh Nagumo model that describes the current propagation over a myelinated axon nerve, or the discrete Burridge-Knopoff model which describes nonlinear frictional dynamics at the interface of discrete media.

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