Brief: defines utility functions allowing to load the Scilab and C functions.

This file must always be executed at the beginning of every HuMAnS application. It defines two functions, LoadModule and LibTools. They are necessary to all the Load.sci files present in every modules. For more details:

is usually used just after the call to KickStart.sci to load the different modules. In fact, from the current directory this function goes to the subdirectory given in input and executes there the Scilab script Load.sci. Each module should have such a script that executes all the other Scilab scripts present in the directory, loading therefore the corresponding functions in the Scilab memory. It also interfaces C functions in order to be able to call them directly from Scilab.
depending on the operating system, this defines the name of the directory containing the C libraries as well as the name of their extensions in order to load the corresponding C functions. This function is called by the Load.sci files.

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