The emerging semantic web

Selected papers from the first Semantic web working symposium

Edited by Isabel Cruz, Stefan Decker, Jérôme Euzenat, and Deborah McGuinness
Volume 75 in the Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications series
IOS press, Amsterdam (NL), 2002
300pp., hardcover,
ISBN: 1 58603 255 0 (IOS press)

June 2002.
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The World Wide Web has been the main source of an important shift in the way people get information and order services. However, the current Web is aimed at people only. The Semantic Web is a Web defined and linked in a way that it can be used by machines not just for display purposes, but also for automation, integration and reuse of data across various applications. Facilities and technologies to put machine understandable data on the Web are rapidly becoming a high priority for many communities.

In order for computers to provide more help to people, the Semantic Web augments the current Web with formalized knowledge and data that can be processed by computers. It thus needs a language for expressing knowledge. This knowledge is used to describe the content of information sources, through ontologies, and the condition of operation of Web services. One of the challenges of the current Semantic Web development is the design of a framework that allows these resources to interoperate.

This book presents the state of the art in the development of the principles and technologies that will allow for the Semantic Web to become a reality. It contains revised versions of a selection of papers presented at the International Semantic Web Working Symposium that address the issues of languages, ontologies, services, and interoperability.

Table of contents


Languages for the semantic web

UML and the semantic web
Stephen Cranefield
Metamodeling architecture of web ontology languages
Jeff Pan, Ian Horrocks
RDF M&S revisited: From reification to nesting, from containers to lists, from dialect to pure XML
Wolfram Conen, Reinhold Klapsing, Eckhart Köppen
Describing computation within RDF/dt>
Chris Goad
Semantic web modeling and programming with XDD
Chutiporn Anutariya, Vilas Wuwongse, Kiyoshi Akama, Vichit Wattanapailin

Ontology and services

Industrial strength ontology management
Aseem Das, Wei Wu, Deborah McGuinness
The semantic web as "perfection seeking": a view from drug terminology
Mark Tuttle, Steven Brown, Keith Campbell, John Carter, Kevin Keck, Michael Lincoln, Stuart Nelson, Michael Stonebraker
DAML-S: Semantic markup for web services
Anupriya Ankolenkar, Mark Burstein, Jerry Hobbs, Ora Lassila, David Martin, Sheila McIlraith, Srini Narayanan, Massimo Paolucci, Terry Payne, Katia Sycara, Honglei Zeng
Serching for services on the semantic web using process ontologies
Mark Klein, Abraham Bernstein
CREAting relational Metadata (CREAM) - a framework for semantic annotation
Siegfried Handschuh, Steffen Staab, Alexander Maedche
Indexing a web site with a terminology oriented ontology
Emmanuel Desmontils, Christine Jacquin

Interoperability, Integration, and Composition

A framework for ontology integration
Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo and Maurizio Lenzerini
A scalable framework for the interoperation of information sources
Prasenjit Mitra, Gio Wiederhold and Stefan Decker
Overcoming ontology mismatches in transactions with self-describing service agents
Drew McDermott, Mark Burstein and Douglas Smith
An infrastructure for formally ensuring interoperability in a heterogeneous semantic web
Jerome Euzenat
Toward semantic interoperability in agent-based coalition command systems
David Allsopp, Patrick Beautement, John Carson, and Michael Kirton
Object Interoperability for Geo spatial Applications
Isabel F. Cruz and Paul Calnan

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