C3P is a package to compute the Common Connected Components (CCC) of a multigraph. A complete description of its goals and applications to comparative genomics can  be found in the following BioInformatics paper

Note: this is an old version that has been superseded by the newer C3P/Isofun Java version.
The standard (Lite) distribution contains :
  • C source code
  • Pre-compiled binaries for different unix platforms
  • Shell scripts implementing several strategies
  • samples data files
  • documentation
Supported platforms are :
  • Linux (binaries for i386 red Hat 9.x)
  • Darwin (binaries for PowerPC and Intel MacOSX 10.4)
  • Solaris (binaries for Sparc64 5.8)
  • Irix (binaries for mips64 6.5)
The Blast distribution contains everything from the Lite distribution plus Blast binaries (blastall and formatdb) for the same platforms. These binaries are required by some Shell scripts to establish homology between genes. Use this distribution only if you don't have Blast already installed on your machine.
C3P is distributed under the LGPL Licence.

The Lite distribution is here : CCCPart-Lite.tgz
The Blast distribution is here : CCCPart-Blast.tgz

Both will expand as a directory named "CCCPart"
Please read the README file located at the distribution root
and the user's guide located in the "docs" directory.
For more information, please contact : Alain Viari