Invoking InterprocStackContents

Invoking InterprocStack

You can try an online version there.

The executable (interprocstack or interprocstack.opt is invoked as follows:

  interprocstack <options> <inputfile>

The input file should be a valid "Simple" program. The options are:

-debug <int>
debug level, from 0 (lowest) to 4 (highest). Default is 0.
-domain {box|octagon|polka|polkastrict|polkaeq|ppl|pplstrict|pplgrid|polkagrid}
abstract domain to use (default: polka). All domains supported by the Apron library can be specified:

box intervals
octagon octagons
polka,ppl topologically closed convex polyhedra
polkastrict,pplstrict possibly non-closed convex polyhedra
polkaeq linear equalities
pplgrid linear congruences
polkagrid reduced product of linear congruences and Polka convex polyhedra

-depth <int>
depth of recursive iterations (default 2, may only be more). See Fixpoint library documentation.
-guided <bool>
if true, guided analysis of Gopand and Reps (default: false). See Analyzer
-widening <bool><int><int><int>
specifies usage of widening first heuristics, delay and frequency of widening, and nb. of descending steps (default: false 1 1 2). See Fixpoint
-analysis <('f'|'b')+>
sequence of forward and backward analyses to perform (default "f")

Invoking InterprocStackContents