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Using C library

First include some of the following files in your source program, say `test.c'. A casual user doesn't need the header `polka/{bit|satmat}.h'.
#include <polka/polka.h>
#include <polka/pkint.h>
#include <polka/vector.h>
#include <polka/bit.h>
#include <polka/satmat.h>
#include <polka/matrix.h>
#include <polka/poly.h>
`polka/config.h', `polka/cherni.h' an `polka/cherni.h' should be considered as internal.

Types, variables and functions in each module are prefixed by the name of the module. For instance, we have the functions matrix_t* matrix_merge(matrix_t*,matrix_t*) and void poly_minimize(poly_t*).

Coefficients in vectors and matrices are of generic type pkint_t.

To compile `test.c', type `gcc <options> -DPOLKA_NUM=<n> -c -o test.o test.c'
where n is either 1,2,3 and defines the effective type of pkint_t.

To link `test.o', type `gcc <options> -o test test.o -lpolka% -lgmp'
where % is either i,l,g.

n and % should respect the following correspondance:
n % Effective type of pkint_t
1 i long int
2 l long long int
3 g mpz_t

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