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Global variables

The public read-only global variables initialized by the function polka_initialize are the following ones:
Variable: bool polka_strict
True iff. strict inequalities are enable. This requires an additional dimension in vectors and matrices, and modifies emptiness and universality tests.
Variable: const int polka_cst
Indicates the index of the constant coefficient. Should be always 1, weather strict inequalities are enabled or not.
Variable: const int polka_eps
Indicates the index of the epsilon coefficient. Should be 2.
Variable: int polka_dec
Indicates the index of the first "normal" coefficient; 2 if polka_strict is false, 3 otherwise.
Variable: int polka_maxnbdims
Maximum number of dimensions allowed in polyhedra
Variable: int polka_maxnbrows
Maximum number of rows allowed in matrices.
Variable: int polka_maxcolumns
Maximum number of columns allowed in vectors and matrices.

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