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Sorting & Merging matrices

Function: void matrix_sort_rows (matrix_t* mat)
Sorts the rows of the matrix (by insertion sort), and remove duplicates.

Function: void matrix_sort_rows_with_sat (matrix_t* mat, satmat_t* sat)
This variant permutes also rows of the saturation matrix sat together with rows of mat. There is here no handling of duplicates.

Function: void matrix_add_rows_sort (matrix_t* mat, matrix_t* cmat)
Adds to the matrix mat the rows of matrix cmat. The matrices are sorted if they are not already sorted, and the output is sorted. Identical rows are eliminated. mat is supposed to be big enough to store the new rows (mat->_maxrows >= mat->nbrows + cmat->nbrows).

Function: matrix_t* matrix_merge_sort (matrix_t* mata, matrix_t* matb)
This function merges the rows of mata and matb, which are sorted if they are not sorted, and returns a new sorted matrix. Identical rows are eliminated.

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