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Module Poly

A polyhedron is represented by a structure whose all elements should considered as private. Operations on polyhedra and possibly vectors and matrices assumes compatible dimensions of the parameters. This is checked when possible (we cannot check the compatibility of vectors with matrices or polyhedra).

A polyhedron can be in minimal form or not. In the first case, the constraints, the generators, the saturation matrix, and the dimension of equality and lineality space are available. Otherwise, only the constraints or the generators are available.

Basic Operations on polyhedra  
Basic Constructors for polyhedra  
Access functions for polyhedra  
Predicates on polyhedra  
Intersection and Convex Hull of polyhedra  
Change of dimension of polyhedra  
Linear transformations on polyhedra  
Widening operators on polyhedra lattice  
Closure operation on polyhedra  

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