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Basic Operations on polyhedra

Function: void poly_free (poly_t* po)
Frees the polyhedron and finalize referenced elements.
Function: poly_t* poly_copy (const poly_t* po)
Makes a copy of the polyhedron. Referenced elements are recursively duplicated.
Function: void poly_print (const poly_t* po)
Prints the polyhedron on standard output.
Function: void poly_minimize (const poly_t* po)
Computes the minimal representation of the polyhedron. Once minimized, both constraints and generators are available, as such as the saturation matrix and the dimension of equality and lineality spaces.
Function: void poly_canonicalize (const poly_t* po)
If polka_strict is false, same effect as poly_minimize, but ensures also normalization of equalities and lines spaces (with Gauss elimination). Otherwise, normalizes the strict constraints of po and performs minimization on the new set of constraints (also with normalization of equalities and lines spaces). This allows to remove constraints which are redundant considering the special meaning of the epsilon dimension.

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