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Basic Operations on vectors

Function: pkint_t* vector_alloc (size_t size)
Allocates an array of size elements of type pkint_t and initializes them to zero.

Function: void vector_free (pkint_t* q, size_t size)
Frees the array q of size size. The size parameter is needed because when the type pkint_t is a multi-precision integer, elements have to be finalized.

Function: void vector_clear (pkint_t* q,size_t size)
This function set all elements of the array q to 0.

Function: pkint_t* vector_copy (const pkint_t* q, size_t size)
Creates a copy of the array q of size size.

Function: void vector_print (const pkint_t* q, size_t size)
Prints the array.

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