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Comparison & Hashing on vectors

Function: int vector_compare (const pkint_t* q1, const pkint_t* q2, size_t size)
Compares the two arrays q1 and q2 of same size size, considered as constraints or generators, lexicographically on the order 0,polka_dec,...,polka_dec+size-1,1[,2]. The returned int has the following meaning:

For two parallel inequalities (equal coefficients apart for the \xi and \epsilon dimensions), the defined order corresponds to the entailment of constraints (if either polka_strict is true or not): if c_1 is less or equal than c_2, then c_1 ==> c_2.

Function: int vector_compare_expr (const pkint_t* q1, const pkint_t* q2, size_t size)
Idem as previous functions for vectros considered as affine expressions.

Function: unsigned int vector_hash (const pkint_t* q, size_t size)
This function computes a key associated to an array. The function is compatible with the previous comparison function, that is, two identical vectors give the same key.

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