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Operations on rows of matrices

Function: int matrix_compare_rows (const matrix_t* mat, int l1, int l2)
Compares lexicographically rows l1 and l2 of matrix mat (see vector_compare).

Function: void matrix_normalize_row (const matrix_t* mat, int l)
Normalizes the row l of the matrix (see vector_normalize).

Function: void matrix_combine_rows (matrix_t* mat, int l1, int l2, int l3)
Combine rows l1 and l2 of the matrix and put the result in the row l3 (see vector_combine).

Function: void matrix_exch_rows (matrix_t* mat, int l1, int l2)
Exchange rows 1 and l2 of the matrix.

Function: bool matrix_is_row_dummy_constraint (const matrix* const mat, int row)
Tests if the given matrix row represents the positivity or the strictness constraint (if strict option is set for the latter case). The function use global variables poly_strict and poly_dec. Implemented as a macro.

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