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Matrix manipulations

Function: satmat_t* satmat_transpose (const satmat_t* org, int nbcols)
Return the transposed matrix of org. nbcols is the number of bits to be transposed for each row of org (and is the number of rows of the result).
Function: void satmat_exch_rows (satmat_t* sat, int l1, int l2)
Exchanges rows l1 and l2 of the saturation matrix.
Function: void satmat_sort_rows (satmat_t* sat)
Sorts the rows of the saturation matrix (lexicographic order).
Function: int satmat_index_in_sorted_rows (bitstring_t* satline, satmat_t* sat)
Does satline correspond to a row of sat ? If it is the case, return the index of satline in sat, otherwise return -1. The size of satline and sat is supposed to be the same, with the convention that unused bits of sat are supposed to be zero.

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