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Building the libraries

Building both C library and OCaml interface

`make alli'
Builds the libraries with normal long int machine integers;
`make alll'
Builds the libraries with long long int machine integers; long long ints are recognized by GCC and in the ISO C99 standard;
`make allg'
Builds the libraries with GMP integers;
`make all'
Builds all the version of the library.

Installation is done with `make install'.

Using GMP integers prevents any overflow problems. Be cautious, these are not detected ! The observed effect is usually an infinite loop.

Building the C library only

Enter the `C' directory, and type the above-mentioned commands.

Generated files

`make all%' where %=i,l,g generates the `libpolka%.a' C library, and the following public OCaml files:

Building the documentation

Type `make doc'. The generated files `polka.dvi', `polka.ps', `polka.info' and `html/*' can be found in the `documentation' directory.

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