INRIA Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Proposal (HMIPv6)

HMIPv6 is a Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 developped at INRIA. HMIPv6 is currently using 2 levels of hierarchies: macro-mobility (from one site to another) and micro-mobility (within a site) but can actually be extended to N levels. Mobile IPv6 is used to manage macro and micro mobility.

With HMIPv6 a mobile host has 3 addresses: a home address, a Virtual CoA (VCoA) and a Private CoA (PCoA).

When a mobile host moves to a new site, it gets a new VCoA and PCoA. The VCoA  belongs to the mobility subnetwork that is the subnet that contains the Site Mobility Servers (MS) (note that a site may have several mobility networks). The Mobile host then registers its VCoA with its Home Agent and its CHs and the binding (VCoA, PCoA) with one of the Mobility Server of the mobility network.

Packets addressed to the mobile host are then routed to the VCoA intercepted by its MS and encapsulated to the MH current PCoA.

When the MH moves locally it only gets a new PCoA and updates the (PCoA, VCoA) binding with its MS....

More information about our HMIPv6 proosal is available in the following Technical Report (report).

Source Code

We are very proud to announce that the second version of the source code of our Hierarchical Mobility IPv6 can now be downloaded from link.

The implementation is done under FreeBSD 3.4. We use the Francis Dupont IPv6 Stack (august 2000). This stack can be downloaded from the Inria FTP server.
At this moment, we are in full conformance with the Mobile IPv6 draft 12 <draft-ietf-mobileip-ipv6-12.txt>.

A How-to has been writen and can be downloaded here. It may help you to install, configure and use the hmip protocol.

Local Contact and Feedback

Claude Castelluccia, Research Scientist, Project leader (

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