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Action ROMANS Research work
Research work
Academic cooperation
Knowledge representation
Automatic modeling
Problem solving environment
Academic cooperation
Industrial cooperation
This page mentions the principal academic cooperations of the ROMANS Action in the main research themes of the team: 

Knowledge Representation

Automatic Modeling
    • Geographics Research Team PARIS (CNRS UR 1243) (correspondents: D. Pumain, L. Sanders): automatic construction of models for town systems (project CNRS "Villes")
    • IREP-D of the University Pierre Mendès France (correspondents: Y Saillard, R. Arrus): modeling and simulation of the Health system and planning of water ressources
Problem Solving Environment
    • ORION Project of the INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (correspondent: S. Moisan): distributed version of a platform dedicated to the automatic program supervision
    • Knowledge Modelling Group at the Stanford Medical Informatics (correspondent: M. Musen): problem  solving methods, work supported by an NFS/INRIA action
    • Laboratoire Images et Signaux (CNRS/INPG) (correspondent: N. Martin): automatic program supervision dedicated to signal processing 
Software Architectures and Component Reuse
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