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Research work
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The ROMANS (Relations and Objects for Modeling Numerics and Symbolics) Action has been created on january the 1st, 2000. Its members are former members of the Sherpa project which ended on december the 31st, 1999.

The scientific concerns of the ROMANS Action deals with modeling and exploiting scientific and technical knowledge and focus on the cooperation of symbolics and numerics.

The goal of the ROMANS Action is to design methods and propose tools for both the construction and the reuse of models, by making explicit the knowledge about the models used (the context in which the model is supposed to be used, the underlying hypotheses of validity, the modelling choices, the accuracy expected in the results, ...) and by providing inference mechanisms in order to exploit the described knowledge. 

In order to develop knowledge representation tools supporting numerical and symbolic elements of knowledge, the ROMANS Action proposes a new approach based on the integration of three paradigms (objects, relations and algebraic language) into knowledge representation systems.

This approach is more particularly validated by the AROM platform.

The AROM system is developed in cooperation with a research fellow of the Université de Provence and is implied in several academic or industrial cooperations.

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