SHERPA project

Object knowledge bases

The SHERPA project ended on December 31, 1999. Its activities have been transferred to 3 new research actions: EXMO, HELIX et ROMANS.

Project overview

Scientific and technical knowledge bases gather and structure different categories of knowledge: descriptive on the entities of the domain, functional on the behavior of these entities, and prescriptive on the ways to complete and characterize these descriptions. Moreover, formalized knowledge has to be associated with terminological and textual knowledge in order to be justified and annotated.

The Sherpa project designs and studies knowledge models, together with their exploitation mechanisms, which are adapted to the requirements of these scientific and technical knowledge bases. A knowledge base management system is being developed. It supports an incremental and cooperative design process. All these fundamental and technical results are experimented through the design of knowledge bases in molecular biology and of corporate memories.

Keywords: knowledge representation, knowledge bases, object knowledge models, classification, categorisation, types, constraints, tasks, problem solving, molecular biology, multiple standpoints, medicine diagnosis, granularity, corporate memory.

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