Research work

Part of this work has already been implemented in the Smash simulator. Advisor option is available in the Eval Package of the Smash simulator on Windows (95, NT).
This reasearch work is published in my Ph.D. thesis (see Publications section for summary and complete thesis).


Advisor is the name of the contextual help proposed in SMASH tool. It helps user to understand what is the purpose of all SMASH parameters, giving explanation when a parameter is not relevant for a simulation or pointing out influent parameter on currernt simulation. This module will include in the future assistants to handle the simulator, and a case based reasoning to learn expert solution when decision help given by rules is not efficient.
Contextual advice
The present release of Advisor (release1.0) is able to detect "incorrect way" of using the simulator according to general rules defined with expert users. The interesting point is to be able to take into account the context in order to comment inefficient user action.
Case based Reasoning
Advisor already includes a set of rules and in a near future it will deal with cases, to let expert user reinforce Advisor learning on specific application. Explanation of what integration de savoir_faire is all about ...

Giving advice

In Advisor1.1 all consensual rules are already handled by the contextual help system. The next step is to help the user even when experts do not share the same knowledge. Indeed, when a simulation algorithm is unable to converge, it can be due to "too strict" accuracy parameters, inadapted algorithm, or even bad modelisation of the circuit... Unfortunatly there is not any knowledge on how to find out what cause the failure, thus experts successively apply modification either at the parameter, algorithm and/or circuit level. Giving advice will then mean in Advisor being able to list only realistic hints according to the context, in order to share various expert knowledge with other experienced designers.

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Current Projects

 Advisor project

At present I carry on my work in Dolphin Integration in order to let expert user complete Advisor knowledge for their specific application (see section Giving Advice).

Dolphin Integration internal project

As a member of the Solutions Department I also work on other Smash developements. At present I take part in a European project on Fault Simulation.
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Ph.D. thesis in Computer Sciences
        Doctoral school: Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (France)
        Title:       "Explications et conseils contextuels pour l'utilisation d'un progiciel de conception.
                            Application à un simulateur de circuits électroniques. "
        Date:       27th May 1998

            Ph.D. thesis (pdf file french version)
            Ph.D. thesis summary (pdf file  french version)
            Ph.D. thesis summary (pdf file english version)

Paper in Proceedings Explication 96 (France)
       Paper Title: Aide interactive pour un outil de conception
       Reference: Actes 3ièmes Journées Explication, Sophia-Antipolis (France), pp.107-120, 19-21 juin 1996

Paper in Proceedings IHM 96 (France)
    Paper Title: Une aide contextuelle pour un utilisateur actif
    Reference: Actes 8ièmes journées ingénierie des Interfaces Homme-Machine,
                        Grenoble (France), pp.145-146, 16-18 septembre 1996

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I have been working for more than 3 years in Dolphin Integration. Advisor development was lead in object-oriented langage (C++). Its integration in SMASH simulator was an opportunity to work closely with Smash developement team.
Prior to my Ph.D. studies on Advisor, I studied Industrial Computer Science in Engineer school 3I, Institut des Sciences et Techniques de Grenoble, France.

If you wish to get a detail curriculum, please click here to get a french version in pdf file.

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Personal Interests

Charlotte, and life that goes with!!!
For nature, climbing on small blocks (bouldering), powder under ski and over the head!
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