Genepi is a blackboard framework for developing and experimenting with automatic genomes annotation systems. Genepi is not bound to any specific annotation strategy. Instead, you have to specify a blackboard structure in a configuration file and the system will instantiate and run this particular annotation strategy.
A complete description of its architecture can be found in the following BioInformatics paper

The standard distribution contains :
  • Java source code of the genepi system
  • Pre-compiled binaries for external annotation tools (for unix platforms)
  • samples data files
External annotation tools (e.g. blast) are provided for :
  • Linux (binaries for i386 red Hat 9.x)/li>
  • Darwin (binaries for PowerPC MacOSX 10.4 (may run on INTEL too))
Genepi is distributed under the LGPL Licence.

The distribution tarball is here : genepi.tgz
then uncompress the tarball and please read the (short) README.txt file.
For more information, please contact : Alain Viari