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I am a senior researcher (D.R. INRIA) with Project-Team BEAGLE, a joint research group between:

  • INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, and
  • LIRIS laboratory (UMR 5205 CNRS - INSA Lyon - Univ. Lyon 1).

We are located in Lyon, France.

I am working in computational cell biology, the use of computer or mathematical models to study intra-cellular dynamics.

Currently, I am focusing on two aspects :

(i) the intracellular biochemical networks at work in synaptic plasticity and its modulation, in particular by astrocytes.

(ii) the influence of space and molecular crowding in cell signaling and biochemistry.


Computational neuroscience:

Astrocyte-Neurons co-culture
  • Glia-neuron interactions
  • Intracellular calcium signalling in astrocytes
  • Modelling intrinsic and synaptic plasticity

Intracellular organization of cell signaling:

  • Molecular crowding and spatial inhomogeneities in biochemical reactions
  • Protein agregation in bacterial cells
Spatial Effects of Molecular Crowding