Hugues BERRY - Students          

Current Students

  • Audrey Denizot (PhD student) 2016-Present, co-supervised (50%) with Hédi Soula (CRC, Univ. P&M Curie, Paris).
    Topics: Simulation of calcium signaling in fine astrocytic processes.

Former Students

  • Marie Fernandez (Ph. D. Student) -  2015-2018, co-supervised (33\%) with Hédi Soula (CRC, Univ. P&M Curie, Paris) and Clémentine Vignal (Univ. J. Monnet, Saint-Etienne)
    Topics:Extraction and analysis of the acoustic network of social birds: tools for population tracking.

  • Alexandre Foncelle (Ph. D. Student) -  2014-2018
    Topics:Data-driven computational modelling for some of the implications of dopamine in the brain: from subcellular signalling to area networks.

  • Alvaro Mateos Gonzalez (PhD student in Mathematics, ENS Lyon) 2014-2017, co-supervised (30%) with Vincent Calvez (EPI Numed) and Thomas Lepoutre (EPI Dracula).
    Topics: Asymptotic analysis of partial differential equations arising in biological processes of anomalous diffusion.

  • Maurizio de Pitta (Postdoctoral researcher) -  2013-2017 - Funded by the EU via an ERCIM grant and an IOF Marie Curie grant “Neuron-Astro-Nets” (with N. Brunel, Univ. Chicago).
    Topics: Understanding the functional relevance of neuron-astrocyte interactions in brain function.

  • Carlos Vivar-Rios (Erasmus+ master internship) 2017, co-supervised (50%) with Audrey Denizot.
    Topics: Spatial stochastic simulations of calcium waves in astrocytes.

  • Ilya Prokin (Ph. D. Student) -  2013-2016
    Topics: Modeling and simulation of signal transduction in living cells: synaptic plasticity of basal ganglia neurons.

  • Jules Lallouette (Ph. D. Student) - 2011-2014
    Topics: Modelling calcium responses in astrocyte networks: relations between toplogy and dynamics.

  • Magali Vangkeosay (Software developer) - 2012 -2014
    Topics: Development of a software for automated quantitative analysis of time-lapse microscopy movies of growing bacterial populations. Funded by INRIA via ADT “Multi*Pop”.

  • Amanda Lo Van (Master 2 IADE, Lyon, now a PhD Student, Carmen, Lyon, France)- Feb-June 2013 -
    Topics: Individual-based modeling of simple genetic circuits.

  • Osama Khalil (Master in Medicine, Univ. of Cairo, Egypt, now Graduate Fellow, Ohio State University, USA) - Feb-May - 2013. Funded by an EGIDE grant
    Topics: Computational systems biology of signal transduction in living cells: synaptic plasticity of striatum neurons

  • Pierre Gabriel (Postdoctoral researcher, Now Assistant Professor, Univ. Versailles, France) - 2011- 2012
    Funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR), Project Pagdeg
    Topics: Mathematical modeling of protein aggregation and aging in E coli

  • Anne-Sophie Coquel (Ph. D. Student, now Head of Genomics, Sanofi France) – 2009-2012.
    Co-Supervised with A. Lindner (TAMARA's Lab,INSERM U1001, Necker-Enfants Malades Medical School,Paris, France).
    Topics: Deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying the role of protein aggregation in aging of E. coli (ColAge, Workpackage 1).

  • Jean-Marie Gomes (Master 2 Student, ow PhD student, UNIC, Gif-sur-Yvette, France) - 2010 - 2011
    Topics: The bidirectional response of cortico-striatal synapses to 2-arachidonyl-glycerol

  • Zayna Chaker (Master 2 student, Now PhD student, Saint Antoine Hospital, Paris), April-July 2010
    Topics: Protein aggregation underlying bacterial aging : Computer simulations

  • Fei Jiang (Ph. D. Student, now private entrepreneur, Shanghai) – 2006-2009
    Co-Supervised with M. Schoenauer (TAO, INRIA Futurs, Saclay, France).
    Alchemy & TAO, INRIA Futurs, Saclay & Orsay Université
    Ph.D. defended and completed: December 16, 2009.
    Topics: Evolution and optimization of large neural networks.

  • Benoit Siri (Ph. D. Student, Now Software Engineer, AFCEPF, Paris) - 2005-2008
    INRIA Futurs, Saclay & University of Paris-Sud, Orsay
    Topics: Topology-dynamics-learning interactions in complex bioinspired neuron networks.
    Ph.D. defended and completed: December 18th, 2008.
    Siri, B. (2008), Interactions dynamique-topologie-apprentissage dans les réseaux de neurones complexes bioinspirés, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France. (in french) (pdf 4.7 MByte).

  • Edouard Garnier de Labareyre (Ecole polytechnique, Internship, Alchemy, INRIA Saclay, Now Systems Engineer, Safran, Paris) - April-July 2008
    Co-supervised with O. Temam
    Topics: Emergence of computation and abstraction functions on biological neural networks.

  • Delphine Pellenc (Ph. D. Student; now Lecturer in Physics, Reading, UK) - 2002-2005
    Co-Supervised with O. Gallet.
    ERRMECe, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France
    Topics: Extracellular matrix protein network formation in bone mineralization.
    Ph.D. defended and completed: October 21st, 2005.
    Pellenc, D. (2005), Auto-assemblage de la fibronectine induit par l'adsorption: caractérisation expérimentale sur l'hydroxyapatite et étude par simulation numérique, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy-Pontoise, France. (in french) (pdf 6.3 MByte).

  • Geoffrey Caron-Lormier, Master Student (now Researcher at Rothamsted Research, Harpen- den, UK) - September 2001-July 2002
    ERRMECe, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France
    Topics: Biomathematics of the early steps of integrin signaling pathway: FAK and Src auto- and co-activation.