Field and Service Robotics 2007 The 6th International
Conference on Field and
Service Robotics
July 9-12 2007, Chamonix, France


irobot's vision for the future of home, military and commercial robots
Ms Greiner, iRobot chairman and cofounder, will talk about iRobot's vision for the future of military, home, and commercial robots. iRobot has sold over 2.5 million home robots led by our Roomba and Scooba products, and has also delivered over 1000 PackBot tactical robots. Ms Greiner will also cover some new tactical products under development and initiatives. iRobot is committed to working with best in class third party suppliers and developers and has put some mechanisms in place for working with iRobot.


Robots at Work
Automation is building a future where robots develop, secure and feed the world, and explore worlds beyond. Intelligent machines are already changing the way we live, work and expand our experiences. They are becoming tools for labor and hazardous duty on earth, and for exploring other planets, and these robots are here to stay. Development, refinement and markets are driving solutions into the world.
Automation is moving from laboratory to life. The great questions are no longer whether robots can sense, think and act, but how and where to do this. The talk
explores latest technical innovations. It also presents applications for these robots in energy, agriculture, construction, mining, security and exploration. Grand Challenge robot competitions are new technical enterprise that is achieving a leap of technology, inspiring the public and galvanizing new visions.
Competitions are played out on a world stage. Breakthroughs from the races are catalyzing technology, opening huge automotive markets, and forever altering the view of what is possible. The presentation concludes with how robots are affecting our world and its future.


Design of Structured Environment for Service Robots
Service robots which have dexterity, human friendliness, and the symbiotic function with a human in a house and welfare facilities will be in demand in the near future society. However, there are many problems to realize the robot intelligence that can recognize environment and coordinate with a human. On the other hand, ubiquitous IT (Information technology) environment is realized thanks to the growth of information household appliances, personal computers, the networks, etc. Most of them are kinds of IT assists, and we should have
another approach: the physical assists by robots. Designing service robots together with service environment is an effective approach. And this is a study on Structured Environment with Human-Symbiotic Robots. In this presentation, I introduce a study of structured environment design in the WABOT-HOUSE (WAseda roBOT HOUSE) project and a study of a dexterous robot in Waseda Humanoid Robot Project, and discuss design of future human living environment.