Field and Service Robotics 2007 The 6th International
Conference on Field and
Service Robotics
July 9-12 2007, Chamonix, France


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  • Monday July 9th

    11:30 - 14:30   Visit of INRIA Rhône-Alpes and transportation in bus from INRIA to Chamonix
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    16:30 - 17:45   Welcome - Registration - Industrial demonstrations

    S   18:15   Cocktail at Chamonix Espace Tairraz [Go to the Social program]

  • Tuesday July 10th

    08:15 - 08:30   Opening [Christian Laugier - Roland Siegwart]
    08:30 - 09:30   Plenary - Helen Greiner : "irobot's vision for the future of home, military and commercial robots" [Alex Zelinsky]

    09:30 - 10:30   Session "Mapping" [Agostino Martinelli] :
          #59 : Outdoor Radar Mapping Using Measurement Likelihood Estimation (John Mullane, Martin D Adams and Wijerupage S Wijesoma)
          #22 : Recovering the Shape of Objects in 3D Point Clouds with Partial Occlusions (Rudolph Triebel and Wolfram Burgard)
          #97 : Dense Mapping for Telemetric Sensors: efficient algorithms and sparse representation (Manuel Yguel, Olivier Aycard and Christian Laugier)

    10:30 - 11:00   Coffee break

    11:00 - 12:20   Session "Vision for navigation" [Thierry Fraichard] :
          #24 : Robust Vision-based Underwater Target Identification & Homing Using Self-Similar Landmarks (Amaury Negre, Cédric Pradalier and Matthew Dunbabin)
          #23 : Vision-based handling tasks for an autonomous outdoor forklift (Cédric Pradalier)
          #71 : Robust Feature Extraction and Matching for Omnidirectional Images (Davide Scaramuzza, Nicolas Criblez, Agostino Martinelli and Roland Siegwart)
          #32 : Dynamic Obstacle Detection based on Probabilistic Moving Feature Recognition (Roman Katz, Oliver Frank, Juan Nieto and Eduardo Nebot)

    12:20 - 13:20   Lunch

    13:20 - 14:20   Session "Underwater Robots and Systems" [Alex Zelinsky] :
          #6 : A Feature Based Navigation System for an Autonomous Underwater Robot (John Folkesson, Jacques Leederkerken, Rob Williams, Andrew Patrikalakis and John Leonard)
          #82 : Experiments in Navigation and Mapping with a Hovering AUV (George Kantor, Nathaniel Fairfield, Dominic Jonak and David Wettergreen)
          #41 : Mobile robot sensing for environmental applications (Amarjeet Singh, Maxim A Batalin, Michael Stealey, Victor Chen, Mark H Hansen, Thomas C Harmon, Gaurav S Sukhatme and William J Kaiser)

    14:20 - 15:20   Session "Wheeled Robots" [Cédric Pradalier] :
          #84 : An Architecture for Automated Driving in Urban Environments (Gang Chen and Thierry Fraichard)
          #8 : Autonomous Robotic Inspection for Lunar Surface Operations (Maria Bualat, Laurence Edwards, Terrence Fong, Michael Broxton, Lorenzo Flueckiger, Susan Y Lee, Eric Park, Vinh To, Hans Utz, Vandi Verma, Clayton Kunz and Matt MacMahon)
          #45 : Roving Faster Farther Cheaper (Matthew Roman, David P Miller and Zack White)

    15:20 - 15:35   Posters overview

    15:35 - 16:35   Coffee break + Poster session :
          #4 : Tracking Environmental Isoclines using Polygonal Formations of Submersible Autonomous Vehicles (Shahab Kalantar and Uwe Zimmer)
          #5 : Magnetic Wall Climbing Robot for Thin Surfaces with Specific Obstacles (Wolfgang Fischer, Fabien Tâche and Roland Siegwart)
          #25 : A Miniature Biomimetic Robotic Fish and Its Realtime Path Planning (Chao Zhou, Zhiqiang Cao, Shuo Wang, Xiang Dong and Min Tan)
          #39 : A FastSLAM algorithm based on the Unscented Filtering with adaptive selective resampling (Manuel Cugliari and Francesco Martinelli)
          #43 : Cooperative Localization for Multi-Robot Incorporating Proprioceptive/Exteroceptive Position Sensors (Jihong Lee, Kyounghwan Jo and ChoulSoo Jang)
          #56 : Tree Measurement and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping System for Forest Harvesters (Matti Öhman, Mikko Miettinen, Kosti Kannas, Jaakko Jutila, Arto Visala and Pekka Forsman)
          #65 : Mobile Robot Geometry Initialization from Single Camera (Daniel Pizarro, Manuel Mazo, Enrique Santiso and Hideki Hashimoto)

    16:35 - 17:55   Session "Localization & Sensor Fusion" [Nicola Tomatis] :
          #62 : Robot Position Estimation on a RFID-tagged Smart Floor (Thomas Kaempke, Boris Kluge, Erwin Prassler and Matthias Strobel)
          #38 : Monte Carlo Localization in Outdoor Terrains using Multi-Level Surface Maps (Rainer Kuemmerle, Rudolph Triebel, Patrick Pfaff and Wolfram Burgard)
          #81 : Estimating Vehicle Position Using Few Range Measurements to a Known Curved Surface (Michael A Kokko and Franz S Hover)
          #73 : Sensor Registration for Robotic Applications (Alen Alempijevic, Sarath Kodagoda and Gamini Dissanayake)

    S   18:00   Dinner at the Mer de Glace (Restaurant Montenvers) [Go to the Social program]

  • Wednesday July 11th

    08:30 - 09:30   Plenary - Red Whittaker : "Robots at Work" [Christian Laugier]

    09:30 - 10:30   Session "Aerial Navigation & Visual Tracking" [Sanjiv Singh] :
          #53 : Reactive Collision Avoidance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Doppler Radar (Andrew Viquerat, Lachlan Blackhall, Alistair Reid, Salah Sukkarieh and Graham Brooker)
          #83 : Combined Visual and Inertial Navigation for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Jonathan Kelly, Srikanth Saripalli and Gaurav S Sukhatme)
          #67 : Pedestrian Shape Extraction by means of Active Contours (Massimo Bertozzi, Alberto Broggi, Stefano Ghidoni and Michael Del Rose)

    10:30 - 11:00   Coffee break

    11:00 - 12:00   Session "Teleoperation" [Kazuya Yoshida] :
          #79 : The Small Outdoor Rover MERLIN and its Assistance System for Tele-Operations (Daniel Eck, Manuel Stahl and Klaus Schilling)
          #60 : Visually-guided Robot Navigation: from Artificial to Natural Landmarks (Enric Celaya, Jose-Luis Albarral, Pablo Jiménez and Carme Torras)
          #100 : An Advanced Teleoperation Testbed (Bill Ross, John Bares, David Stager, Larry Jackel and Mike Perschbacher)

    12:00 - 13:00   Lunch

    13:00 - 14:20   Session "SLAM" [John Folkesson] :
          #10 : SIFT Based Graphical SLAM on a Packbot (John Folkesson and Henrik Christensen)
          #30 : Look-ahead Proposals for Robust Grid-based SLAM (Slawomir Grzonka, Christian Plagemann, Giorgio Grisetti and Wolfram Burgard)
          #51 : Tradeoffs in SLAM with sparse information filters (Zhan Wang, Shoudong Huang and Gamini Dissanayake)
          #50 : Robust Real-Time Local Laser Scanner Registration with Uncertainty Estimation (Justin Carlson, Charles Thorpe and David L Duke)

    14:30   Free time : you can go to the Pic du midi (by yourself)

    S   17:00   Annecy city [Go to the Social program]

    S   19:30   Banquet cruise [Go to the Social program]

  • Thursday July 12th

    08:30 - 09:30   Plenary - Shigeki Sugano : "Design of Structured Environment for Service Robots" [Roland Siegwart]

    09:30 - 10:30   Session "Learning & Scene Estimation" [Mac Schwager] :
          #96 : Modelling Smooth Paths Using Gaussian Processes (M K Tay Christopher and Christian Laugier)
          #31 : Data-Driven Identification of Group Dynamics for Motion Prediction and Control (Mac Schwager, Dean Anderson and Daniela Rus)
          #77 : Unsupervised Detection of Artificial Objects in Outdoor Environments (Luciano Spinello and Roland Siegwart)

    10:30 - 11:00   Coffee break

    11:00 - 12:20   Session "Multirobot Systems" [Hajime Asama] :
          #35 : Implementation of Formation Transition System using Synchronization in a Mobile Robot Group (Takaaki Shimone, Daisuke Kurabayashi, Kunio Okita and Tetsuro Funato)
          #34 : Coordinated Search in Cluttered Environments Using Range from Multiple Robots (Geoffrey Hollinger, Joseph Djugash and Sanjiv Singh)
          #94 : A plan manager for multi-robot systems (Sylvain Joyeux, Rachid Alami and Simon Lacroix)
          #36 : Development of a Networked Robotic System for Disaster Mitigation - System Description of Multi-robot System and Report of Performance Tests (Keiji Nagatani, Kazuya Yoshida, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Yasushi Yagi, Tadashi Adachi, Hiroaki Saitoh, Toshiya Suzuki and Osamu Takizawa)

    12:20 - 13:20   Lunch

    13:20 - 14:40   Session "Field Robotics - Systems and Applications (1/2)" [Erwin Prassler] :
          #48 : Experiments in autonomous reversing of a tractor-trailer system (Cédric Pradalier and Kane Usher)
          #49 : ATRS - A Technology-based Solution to Automobility for Wheelchair Users (Chao Gao, Ira Hoffman, Thomas Panzarella and John Spletzer)
          #15 : Design and Validation of a Mobile Robot for Power Line Inspection and Maintenance (Serge Montambault and Nicolas Pouliot)
          #16 : Kinematics and Sensor and Control Systems of the Fully Automated Facade Cleaning Robot SIRIUSc for Fraunhofer Headquarters in Munich (Norbert Elkmann, Mario Lucke, Tino Krüger, Dietmar Kunst and Thomas Stürze)

    14:40 - 14:55   Posters overview

    14:55 - 15:55   Coffee break + Poster session
          #72 : State Space Sampling of Feasible Motions for High Performance Mobile Robot Navigation (Thomas Howard, Colin Green and Alonzo Kelly)
          #75 : Assessing Map Quality using Conditional Random Fields (Manjari Chandran-Ramesh and Paul Newman)
          #78 : Characterization and Comparison of Rover Locomotion Performance Based on Kinematic Aspects (Thomas Thueer and Roland Siegwart)
          #80 : Online Learning of Multiple Perceptual Models for Navigation in Unknown Terrain (Jane Mulligan, Gregory Grudic, Michael Otte and Adam Bates)
          #86 : Picking up an Unknown Object Through Autonomous Modeling and Grasp Planning by a Mobile Manipulator (Kimitoshi Yamazaki, Masahiro Tomono and Takashi Tsubouchi)
          #89 : Teleoperation of a Surgical Robot via Airborne Wireless Radio and Transatlantic Internet Links (Mitchell Lum, Diana Friedman, Hawkeye King, Regina Donlin, Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, Timothy Broderick, Mika Sinanan, Jacob Rosen and Blake Hannaford)
          #99 : Development of a 5 degree-of-freedom Towfish and its Control Strategy (Mohammad Khan, Aazir Khan, Matteo Zoppi and Rezia Molfino)

    15:55 - 17:15   Session "Field Robotics - Systems and Applications (2/2)" [Davide Scaramuzza :
          #61 : Automated Steam Turbine Rotor Disc Inspection (Roland Moser, Chris Udell and Alistair Montgomery)
          #64 : Design and Field Testing of an Autonomous Underground Tramming System (Joshua A Marshall and Timothy D Barfoot)
          #21 : Autonomous Fruit Picking Machine: A Robotic Apple Harvester (Johan Baeten, Kevin Donné, Sven Boedrij, Wim Beckers and Eric Claesen)
          #58 : Standing assistance system for rehabilitation walker (Daisuke Chugo, Wataru Matsuoka, Songmin Jia, Kunikatsu Takase and Hajime Asama)

          #58 : Standing assistance system for rehabilitation walker (Daisuke Chugo, Wataru Matsuoka, Songmin Jia, Kunikatsu Takase and Hajime Asama)

    S   17:30 - 18:00   Farewell party [Go to the Social program]