A Privacy Analysis of Google and Yande Safe Browsing
This page contains some of our results on Google and Yandex Safe Browsing. Other results on privacy issues associated to these Safe Browsing services can be found here.

Results on BigBlackList

The following files contain the malicious links from BigBlackList whose 32-bit prefixes belong to the malicious lists provided by Yandex. The files only contain URLs for which at least 2 decompositions create hits in the prefix lists. As shown in our work, 2 prefixes suffice to re-identify the corresponding URL. The prefixes corresponding to these URLs have one full digest matching them.

  • Result for the Yandex malware blacklist: malware.
  • Result for the Yandex porno blacklist: porno.

Results on 1M most visited sites included in the Safe Browsing Blacklists

The following files contain popular website links (provided by Alexa) whose 32-prefixes belong to the malicious lists provided by Google and Yandex.

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