Conference w/ Proceedings
T. Gerbet, A. Kumar, and C. Lauradoux
A Privacy Analysis of Google and Yandex Safe Browsing
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A. Kumar, and C. Lauradoux
A Survey of Alerting Websites: Risks and Solutions
IFIP TC-11 SEC, 2015
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T. Gerbet, A. Kumar, and C. Lauradoux
The Power of Evil Choices in Bloom Filters
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A. Kumar, P. Lafourcade and C. Lauradoux
Short Paper: Performances of Cryptographic Accumulators
IEEE LCN, 2014
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A. Kumar and C. Lauradoux
Short Paper: Private Password Auditing
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Conference w/o Proceedings
A. Kumar and C. Lauradoux
New Dimensions in Phishing
5ème Atelier sur la Protection de la Vie Privee(APVP), 2014
A. Kumar and J-L. Roch
Algorithm-based Secure and Fault Tolerant Outsourcing of Matrix Computations
Information Hiding and Interactions with Codes and Cryptography Days, 2013
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A. Kumar, J-L. Roch and C. Pernet
Poster: Secured Outsourced Linear Algebra
SAFECOMP'2013, The 32nd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, 2013
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Research Reports
T. Gerbet, A. Kumar, C. Lauradoux
On the (In)Security of Google Safe Browsing
Research Report, HAL, 2014
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A. Kumar, P-A. Fouque, T. Genet and M. Tibouchi
Proof as Cryptography: A New Interpretation of the Curry-Howard Isomorphism for Software Certificates
Research Report, HAL, 2012
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