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AROM is an Object Based Knowledge Representation system written in Java and developed by the members of the ROMANS project at INRIA Rhône-Alpes.

This system results from the synthesis of the work undertaken in the field of knowledge representation by the members of the ROMANS project. AROM is thus designed as a kernel which will be used as a common basis to various applications using knowledge representations (tasks, algebraic simulation, constraints, etc.).

AROM provides both an original knowledge representation model based on classes and associations and an Application Programming Interface which allows you to write your own application using knowledge representation.

the denotational semantics of AROM is now available

the webAROM knowledge server is now available. You can access AROM knowledge bases through a web browser.

The version 2.2.13 of the AROM system is now available for download.

The system has been entirely remanufactured and the API has been redefined.

Read the user guide for more information (html format or pdf format)

See the API javadoc

Download version 2.2.13 of the AROM system